Update about an important development around HBN

End of a dynamic era: HBN is closing in 2020

Dear HBN members and supporters,
We hope you had a wonderful summer. With the new season starting, we would like to update you about an important development around HBN.
Our Hungarian Business Network (HBN) was set up some 15 years ago to establish and nurture fruitful relationships between Hungarian and Dutch businesses. We were delighted to see our network grow, people get connected and inspired over the years.  We built and maintained great traditions – e.g. the New Year’s reception with the Embassy – and several successful business cooperation’s started at HBN events. Many of our members have been enthusiastic and long-standing supporters of our efforts.
Over the years we have seen a shift in our target audience and their needs and adjusted our approach accordingly. To cater for the wish of the growing number of Hungarian professionals in Holland, we launched new formats, including our Secret of Success panel discussions. And also started to offer private membership in 2018.
Times, however, have changed. The world around us is substantially different from what it was at the beginning of the century. The economy, the ways of communication, social networking and various other elements of our daily life have gone through large and impactful shifts, which cannot be disregarded.
For a few years, we at the HBN Board – all working pro-bono – have seen a drop in the interest and attendance level of most HBN activities, sometimes, sadly enough, needing to cancel events last minute due to the low number of registrations. We have made a number of attempts to revitalise the network, but unfortunately they have not generated the results we have hoped for.
After several months of difficult discussions, with pain in our hearts, we have come to the conclusion that we have no other option than stopping the network as per 2020. But we are not closing quietly… To thank all our supporters, current and previous members and colleagues, we will host a last event towards the end of 2019. We do hope you all can join so that we can give HBN a well-deserved, festive closure and continue our personal-professional connections in the future.
Please do let me or any of the other board members know if you have any comments or questions regarding our decision and its execution.
Best regards | Vriendelijke groet | Üdvözlettel,

Cisca Ansem, Chair of HBN