HBN's farewell message and the speech of Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Farewell speech of HBN's Chairwoman


Dear HBN members and supporters,


I am glad that you are here and join us tonight for a last farewell party. It is the end of a dynamic era. HBN is closing.

Our Hungarian Business Network (HBN) was set up some 15 years ago to establish and nurture fruitful relationships between Hungarian and Dutch businesses.

We were delighted to see our network grow, people get connected and inspired over the years.  We built and maintained great traditions – e.g. the New Year’s reception with the Embassy – and many successful business cooperations started at HBN events.

Many of our members have been enthusiastic and long-standing supporters of our efforts. And you all are standing here. Thank you for joining us tonight.

Over the years we have seen a shift in our target audience and their needs and adjusted our approach accordingly. To cater for the wish of the growing number of Hungarian professionals in Holland, we launched new formats, including our Secret of Success panel discussions. And also started to offer private membership in 2018. We had lots of happy moments great events and we can recall our happy memories in the short film

Times, however, have changed. The world around us is substantially different from what it was at the beginning of the century. The economy, the ways of communication, social networking and various other elements of our daily life have gone through large and impactful shifts, which cannot be disregarded.

We have made a number of attempts to revitalise the network, but unfortunately they have not generated the results we have hoped for.

After all these years, proud about the meaningfull things we have done together but with pain in our hearts, we have to say goodby after tonight. The network HBN will officially no longer excist as per January 2020. But first let us celebrate what was and after tonight hopefully we will maintain our  personal-professional contact for the future.

Before having a toast on the future. I like to give the word to Katerina Veliskova from CDCC the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce. She would like to speak a few words to you.



The CDCC invites the HBN members to join its Central European community


The Hungarian Business Network (HBN) and the Czech-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) organized their first joined event in September 2015 – a boat trip in Scheveningen and since then the two organizations have started their cooperation.

The CDCC regrets that after 15 years of existence the HBN decided to close down. A lot of work has been done. The HBN had built a solid community, kept it alive and regularly organized interesting events for its members. This community should not be lost which is why the CDCC together with the HBN were looking for a way to keep the Hungarian business community in the Netherlands alive.

The CDCC would like to invite the HBN members to join their business network. This will become a starting point of expanding the network into a Central European platform in The Netherlands.
Currently the CDCC has about 30 members – Czech, Dutch and Slovak companies, entrepreneurs, artists and individuals. By joining the organization, the HBN members will get access to numerous new contacts, events and services provided which will help them grow their business and expand their professional network.
The membership in the CDCC brings numerous benefits. At least two exclusive dinners every year are hosted for them, typically with a participation of the Ambassadors of partnering countries. They have access to other events, either free of charge or with a very attractive discount, which include seminars, receptions, business lunches, golf tournaments, business missions and other activities. The members are promoted on CDCC’s website, in a newsletter and in social media. On top of that, they get regularly invited to events organized by other European Chambers in the Netherlands.
The CDCC offers to the HBN members who decide to become members from January 2020 to join the exclusive Christmas dinner organized on 11 December 2019. The dinner is attended by other members of the Chamber and the costs are fully included in the membership fee.
To learn more about the CDCC, please visit: https://www.cdcc.nl or contact us on info@cdcc.nl.