Farewell message from HBN

Dear HBN friends,

As we communicated to you earlier this year, after 15 years, we have had to come to the conclusion that our Hungarian Business Network (HBN) is no longer viable in its current format. Therefore, we are closing HBN as per 1 January 2020. 

With an enthusiastic group of volunteers and with support from all of you, we worked on cementing relationships between Hungarian and Dutch business for a decade and a half. We were delighted to see our network grow, people get connected and inspired. We built great traditions and many successful business cooperations started at HBN events. However, the drop in the interest and attendance level of our events, and the lack of success to revitalise HBN through the introduction of new formats left us with no other option than to stop with our network. 

As we said, it has been no easy decision and we do sincerely hope that Hungarian-Dutch business networking will continue in other formats. One alternative was highlighted at our farewell drink by Katerina Veliskova who offered all of us the option of joining the Czech-Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Please feel free to contact Katerina directly if you find this opportunity interesting (email: kveliskova@cdcc.nl).

Once again, thank you for all your support and interest in HBN. We wish you all a fantastic holiday season and a very happy and successful new year. 

We will surely meet again somewhere, sometime…

HBN Board