Színházi előadás - Április Párizsban

A partner event organized by Pódium Magyar Kultúra Amszterdamban

Pódium Magyar Kultúra Amszterdamban - Április Párizsban

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A John Godber comedy filled with raucous indelicate dialogue played by Hungarian actors Balázs Szirtes and Éva Botos.

Al and Bet’s relationship is on the rocks. He has recently lost his job, she works in a shoe shop and can only dream of a better life, but things are about to change….

When Bet wins a romantic night in the city of love, Al wonders who she’ll take along! Resigned to taking her husband, before long, they are both up to their necks in culture, croissants and champagne. The bright lights of Paris rekindle their relationship, but the reality of returning home always looms large.

Join Al and Bet in this hilarious romantic adventure which was Olivier – nominated for COMEDY OF THE YEAR when it premiered, and features John Godber’s unique brand of observational comedy at its best.