Cultural Awareness Training by Adapting Minds

Increase your intercultural sensitivity in order to enhance work performance, Amersfoort

By the end of the training course:

  • You will have insight into the different needs, standards and values of the Hungarian culture

  • You have discoverd the influence of culture on communications and collaboration in general and also specific to the Hungarian culture

  • You know your communication and collaboration style

  • You will be able to more effectively match your communication and collaboration style to the cultural diversity of your work context

  • You know how you can benefit from potential intercultural collaboration with Hungarians

DATE and TIME: 31st of March, 2016. 2 PM- 7 PM.

LOCATION and CONTACT: Adapting Minds, Databankweg 12 3821 AL Amersfoort The Netherlands


PARTICIPANTS:  Maximum 20 participants

COSTS: HBN member: 49 Euro, non HBN member: 99 Euro, tea/coffee and dinner is included

HOST: Zsofia Logemann-Molnar, Psychologist & Stress counselor